The music industries, located in different parts of the world, have experienced huge developments, as far as the usage of instruments is concerned. The different types of advanced instruments have made the composition and creation of fusion music very easy. The guitar has always been a pivotal musical instrument in the western music scenario. The usage of guitar is mandatory for different types of western songs. You may have danced madly to the tunes of electric guitars, played by skillful guitarists, in the western music shows and events. Many among of the pack of frontline western singers are well equipped in using guitars themselves. The acoustic guitar is used along with Indian classical music in the contemporary world too.

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The frontline manufacturers of the acoustic guitars incorporate various features in the musical instruments, which makes the guitars look attractive. The shapes of the acoustic guitars, produced by the different frontline brands, are slightly different from each other. There are extremely popular brands and less popular brands, in the market, manufacturing acoustic guitars. The features also make it extremely easy for the musical instrument players in playing the guitars.

The top notch 5 acoustic guitar brands and their special features include

#1. B.C. Rich: The top notch acoustic guitar brand produces guitars for hard rock and heavy metal music. The prestigious company has designed few of the most famous acoustic heavy metal music guitar designs in the past, for example Virgin, Warlock, Bich and Mockingbird. The amazing musical instruments played an important role in molding thrash revolution and hard rock in the 1980s. The acoustic guitars, manufactured by B.C. Rich, come with elegant getups and produce edgy sounds. So, they should on the top of the priority lists of the leading and emerging guitarists throughout the world.

Features: The features of the musical instruments of the company include:

  • Available in classic as well as Outlaw line designs.
  • Guitars come with string-thru body pattern, active humbuckers and mahogany body.
  • Different types of acoustic guitars come with 6, 7 or 8 strings.

#2. Carvin: The particular guitar firm believes in business model, which is quite different from the others. They provide customized products to their customers. The guitars are supported about a few templates. The features of each of the guitars are chosen individually by the customers.


  • The different models of the acoustic guitars are cater to wide range of musical styles, starting from jazz to metal and from old plain rock n roll to country.
  • American top notch quality customized guitars.

#3. Daisy Rock: The top notch acoustic guitar brand manufactures guitars for the girls. The reputed brand helps in young girls and women empowerment. The company provides the girls with the resources, which help them in learning to play guitars.


  • Short-scale acoustic guitars for small girls that come with the shapes of butterflies, flowers and heart.
  • High grade guitars for Candy models indulging in Hard Rock.

#4. Epiphone: The guitar brand is owned by Gibson. The guitar brand produces both electric and acoustic guitars. The Gibson specs are used in the classic Gibson acoustic guitars, such as Flying Vs and SGs, produced by the company.


  • Comes with Gibson specs
  • Guitars are played by young players

#5. ESP: The high grade guitar brand was known for its top notch grade original designs and custom shop musical instruments throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s period. The guitars are still used by professional musicians in the contemporary world.


  • Custom shop guitars and original designs
  • The guitars were made popular among the common mass by the brand
  • Budget-friendly guitar packages
  • Top grade components used in the guitars

All the above-mentioned five top notch guitar brands are well equipped to produce efficient and creatively designed acoustic guitars for different types of shows, including jazz, Hard Metal and rock music concerts. The guitars produce high quality sound and the music as a whole touches the heart.