Between Falls – an Alternative Rock and Grunge Band from Tel Aviv, Israel – featured by Calling All Gigs


– Band Name –

Between Falls

– Genre –

Post Grunge and Alternative Rock

– Country –

Tel Aviv, Israel

– Band Members –

Ilana Winter – Lead Singer
James Logan Woodward – Lead Singer and Guitars
Idan Shinberg – Bass
Victor Zislin – Acoustic Guitar

About the Band –  Between Falls was formed in late 2012, and already caught the ears of rock lovers around the world.

Their short history started when Vic Zislin, songwriter and guitarist, gathered with his three friends, Ilana Winter (vocals), James L. Woodward (vocals and guitars) and Idan Shinberg (Bass) from their former group Sixth Sense, and together they decided to revive their muse and set on a new musical journey, naming the project Between Falls.

Their debut album, “Intimate Getaway”, is due to be released towards the end of 2013.

Between Falls is an alternative rock and post grunge band. The inspiration of the group is ascribed to Seattle of the early 90’s. The vibes of bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, with their hard rock riffs and charismatic singing, are all over the music of Between Falls. Alternative and progressive rock, as well as more recent post-grunge and nu-metal styles have also made a great impact on the band’s sound.

In their repertoire you’ll hear melodic ballads that perfectly accord with high pace and edgy tunes, the sounds of acoustic guitar harmonize with the dirty distortion sound, the gloomy and sad but also meaningful lyrics that fill you with hope and love.

Aside the influential variety of the band, their two lead singers, male & female, offer an even greater diversity in the emotions that arise when listening to Between Falls’ music.

“We were born during the 80’s, raised on the 90’s, grown aside the tunes of the early 2000’s and finally reached the enormous variety of styles and sounds of nowadays. The mixture of all these eras is what we see in our group. Making ourselves and those around us happy with our music is the greatest gift anyone could have. Nietzsche said it best – without music life would be a mistake”.


Listen to our new song “Alive”


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