How to Get Free Tickets for Coldplay Concert in India

The news are buzzing all around the web that to attend the Coldplay Concert in India you have to pay minimum 25k to ticket. Mid-Day and daily reported that the event by Global Citizen Organization will take place on 19th November 2016 at MMRDA, Mumbai and the price range will be Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5 lakh.


But, recently in a tweet the CEO of the Event management company for this concert, Only Much Louder (OML) dismissed the claim saying that 90% of the tickets are FREE for the Global Citizen Festival.

Global Citizen Website say that a majority of the tickets for this festival cannot be bought. There are limited number of tickets for VIPs who can buy those in return of huge amount of money, some of the price starts at $199 (Rs 13,000 approx)

So, How the Fans will get the FREE tickets of Coldplay concert in India 2016?

Here is the procedure.

They need to download the Global Citizen App vie iTunes for iPhones and from Google Play Store for Android Phones. After downloading and installing the app you will notified about “Taking Action”.

What is “Taking Action” option in Global Citizan App?

These actions can be about raising awareness about the issues Global Poverty, Education Projects has been tackling since 208 with the help of United Nation, Government of Australia and British Government. The users of this app have to take the responsibilities and action. These actions can be from signing petitions to tweeting, sharing the awareness. For each action they complete, they will earn certain amount of points.

After earning a number of points the users can enter the lottery draw to get tickets for the festival. If the users win the draw, they will get two tickets. But if you don’t win the first draw, there are many other opportunities to win.

So if you don’t mind enjoying the concert from a not-privileged seat, downloading the app could be your best course of action. For the VIP seating though, keep your kidney ready!

So, if you want to see Cold Play Concert in India for free, it will be best to download the app and take the actions, earn maximum points for lottery draw.