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About the Band

Primarily known for their altered take on various popular songs in English, Hindi and Bengali, Max ‘n’ Friends is a nearly acoustic set-up comprising Supriyo (Max) on lead vocals/guitar, Sudipto on Keyboard, Darpa on lead guitar and Anirban on the drums, along with Shounak on lead guitar and Shamayeeta on vocals at times, often facilitated by other friends specializing in different musical instruments (They are yet to find a permanent bass player, so as of now they hire session bassists when gigs come up). They originally produce Hindi songs with a progressive/alternative essence, but they are bound within any particular genre and wish to present music that they are capable of. With the advent of electrical sound, this group primarily aims to soothe the audience with a semi-unplugged environment, presenting a wide genre of sound in a refreshingly different way. The objective is to enable the audience to relate with the sound of nature, and provide them with a roller-coaster ride via music ranging from soft songs to the most rocking ones! The band commenced its performance with a gig at Afraa music lounge which was hugely acknowledged and appreciated by the mass as well as fellow musicians. The individual members of the band are highly experienced in handling stages and the crowd, each of them having extensive on-stage improvisation skills. Max ‘n’ Friends wishes to introduce the audience to the thrill of unplugged music, associated at times with un-distorted but specific electrical sound effects generated by the keyboard, laptop, delays, and processors.

About the Band Members

Supriyo Banerjee (Max) – He is a high school and pre-college Mathematics teacher, presently working in Julien Day School, Kolkata, as a senior Maths faculty. He is technically untrained in music, but possesses a keen interest to the subject, and has tried to develop a signature vocal style, versatility being his primary aim, an urge to sing a Western as well as an Eastern track with sufficient ease.

Sudipto Paul – He is a very talented keyboard player, a musician, and a sound recordist. He has been associated with leading bands like Ibn Batuta & Tatar, and presently he also plays with the renowned band Calcutta Blues. His progressive approach of synthesizing introduces a special aura to all the songs they perform. He often specifically introduces Western classical style in his playing.

Darpa Das –  The lead guitarist of Rangskarsha, Darpa exclusively has interest in acoustic guitar playing which has naturally come as a boon to the band, given the nature of their music.

Anirban Dutta –  The youngest of all, he is an adept drummer with a strong sense of rhythm and an uncommon playing style. His versatility in time signature and different forms of percussion gives the band a tight rhythmic support.


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Supriyo Banerjee – 9681685562

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