UNIVERSO – a band from Brazil is featured by Calling All Gigs


– Band Name –


– Country –

Espirito Santo, Brazil

– Genre –

Pop to Rock to Pop/Rock, and even hints of R&B, Blues and Metal.

– About the band –

Universo is band from Brazil, The Universo means Universe. It covers Pop to Rock, blues, Metal any kind of genre music.

The band was founded by Leo Bor. 4 years ago he have decided to form the band. At first the band name was Universo Leo and it was a solo project as there was no other member. Leo was one who compose and arrange music himself at that time. But after some time he has decided to invite other guy to join the band.

Leo Bor
– Members –

For recordings: Leo Bor ( Electric Guitars, Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboard, Drums, Synths etc.), Jack ( Male lead and backing vocals), Meika ( Female lead and backing vocals).

For live shows, Leo Bor, Jack, Meika, Dell, Rafa.

– Important Links –

Official Website | Facebook Page | Twitter

– Listen to their music –

[audio:https://www.callingallgigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Universo-Com-Voce-www.BandaUniverso.com_.br_.mp3|titles=Universo – Track 1]

[audio:https://www.callingallgigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Universo-Me-Beije-Agora-www.-BandaUniverso.com_.br_.mp3|titles=Universo – Track 2]