Being a local band takes a huge responsibility to garner a crowd of local following and building a fan base. Because, they become your calling card. The more support and love you can muster, the more likely will your chances of being noticed by local event companies or bookers and promoters increase.

Here are some important things that will help your band to impress your crowd, strengthen your reputation and bring you to the notice of the local promoters –

1. Trashing and disrespecting other bands while you are performing or not, may seem like a cool act to you. But, believe me, you actually unintentionally end up damaging your reputation in the band circuit.

2. Do you stand with folded arms and a disinterested look on your face? Not cool! Join the crowd in front of the stage and enjoy the performance of other bands. There’s a lot to learn and experience when you step into the shoes of the audience.

3. Trying to look like a rock star? Well, it does not matter much once you reach the stage. Then, its all about singing like one. So be a rock star when you sing, not how you look.

4. However, it does not mean that looks is not all that important. But wearing cargo shorts and then going on stage should be avoided.

5. Be friendly and respectful. Not superior and entitled. That will help you to win a million hearts along with your song.

6. Be supportive to other music bands. This is one of the most important things a band should do to grow the circle of support.

7. Most of the gatekeepers of your scene are friends with each other. Try getting in with one of them, you’ll get in touch with them all. However, becareful not to piss them off, lest you want to get blacklisted.

8. A strong work ethic is the most vital thing that a band needs when performing.

9. Don’t spend your all time promoting your band only in the social media, like Facebook, twitter. Try stepping out of your house and putting up some posters and flyers. Physical promotion is an important promotional factor that cannot be ignored.

10. If your entire promotional plan relies only on Facebook, then change your plan. That’s because Facebook has millions of promotional campaigns to look after. It might be beyond doubt that your promotional plan will stand out of the crowd.

11. Local reputation matters a lot. What makes you think that people outside would be interested in your band if local people are not?

12. Going on your first musical concert tour? Well, make sure that you have enough crowd waiting for the concert to kick start.

13. Try promoting atleast one big show every six to eight weeks. This will help to bring you good draws.

14. Playing around the town might weaken your draw and therefore, you need to spread out your performance everywhere.

If your band is a newcomer, then performing everywhere and anywhere can help you improve and be in practice. This way your performance gets better. You know you are ready once you start enjoying your performance live set. You can then go ahead and book real shows or charge a cover.

15. Good performance and quality deserve to be rewarded. You do not deserve to be paid you suck in your performance. Get good first and then start charging.

16. Perfection is not important enough when you are thinking about performing live with your newly composed songs. What matters the most is how good your music sounds and how you can sell your songs and market your band on stage. Because at the end of the day, no one in the music industry will care much about your new songs if you are not successful enough.

17. Hard work is the only way to become successful. But hard work is not just enough. Start helping others who are in your scene. In the end, it will be eventually get better.

Over To You

The Beginning is Always the Hardest Part

Growing from being a local band to being the talk of newspaper headlines is a difficult journey for every musician. It takes great responsibility and hard work to build up your stardom. I hope these tips will help you understand your roll and help you capitalize on the opportunities that will come in your way as a local band musician.

Featured Image: VOLK, Rock Band from Kolkata