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AlogiA is a Metal band from Serbian, formed in 2000. They have played in many tours all over Balkan from last decade. They have also performed on many popular festivals like Exit Fest, Beer fest, Hendrix Fest, Hard’n’Heavy, Metal Days and also 100 of festivals. They performed in concerts of SKC hall, Belgrade and many others.

AlogiA group photo

:Brief Info:

Band Name: AlogiA
Genre: Metal
Formed: 2000


:Line up:

Nikola Mijic – Vocals
Srdjan Brankovic – Guitars
Miroslav Brankovic – Guitars
Vladimir Ranisavljevic – Bass
Srdjan Golubica – Drums

AlogiA has 14 years of glorious history/musical background and even 10 years ago -already- when they signed for an important Label, national Televisions were filming the event –



Their new album “Elegia Balcanica” is out now, in Serbia (October 2014)

The album has been released in Serbia only on October 6th
It’s scheduled to be released worldwide on January 2015
Label: Miner Recordings


AlogiA album cover

:Track List:

1. Almagest
2. Callis ad Astra
3. Galija
4. Vreme je
5. Elegia Balcanica
6. Ona zna (Lilith)
7. Inferno
8. U tišini
9. Intentionally blind (Bonus Track)

All the tracks from AlogiA’s brand new album Elegia Balcanica are rock solid to hear. Metal Rock music fans must listen to this album.

– Calling All Gigs

Ratings – 8 / 10

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