Indie Music – Its Heart and Soul

Traditional meaning of Indie music is that the artist’s has not signed with any major recording companies and whose music is always in an unconventional style. A non-conventional attitude should be paired up with a philosophy of freedom and independence. Artists in the band are the ones who are responsible for managing their own careers and they always adopt a proactive approach to make their music popular. At the most elementary level, Indie music is not a genre; it is a state of mind.

Indie music can be compared with that skinny guy you encounter with on the beach, the one who kicks sand in the face of a bullied guy who had buried up his face to the neck and who doesn’t run away. An Indie music artist stares at the face of a conformist society and dares enough to make an initial move. It has a strong foundation of hardworking artists who are intended to support and work for each other. It is this aspect that gives the Indie music the confidence to face the society.

As the years pass by, Indie music has encountered a schism within its range. Indie music artists are those who walk in the Indie path and a lot of artists are spending their quality time in discovering opportunity from a major labeled music company. All of them have Indie sound, but their ultimate aim for fame and at times lose their true indie spirit which they all should have. An Indie music artist who dreams about signing a million dollar contract sum up the differences between two places of music, though the mainstream must be their primary place for music. A true Indie musician, having the real spirit will rather give up their music forever other than uttering a word like that.

The new Indie style is constantly being made use in vogue magazine’s photo-shoots. Bands having commercial hits like Razor light are popularly called Indies by medial people worldwide. It has been established as a term that is being used to represent people who wear vintage clothing’s and those who have a sensibly created “Bed head” kind of hairstyle and they sing with a British accent. What used to be contemporary in earlier times is now commercial.

The Indie philosophy is not about to take the lying down kind of treatment. Indie supporter’s aggressive fighting is combined with a proactive and determine a strategy that has led to a digital download revolution. Myspace is one prominent tool that drummed up publicity for the fresher’s who enters the industry newly. Popular social medias and forums have proved to be brilliant platforms for new bands to get connected with their fans and to keep them updated with any new shows or events or any band related activities. Similarly, any indie supporters who are presently not in the band also get the opportunity to communicate the other band members and shared similar interest stories.

A common thing that can be seen among every indie lover is that the spirit of indie music exists within their hearts. They always have that feeling that the focus must be music every time and success related to music has less importance. Indie lovers believe that true indie spirit is not about the community, but about making it is a better place in the music industry. It is simply about being satisfied with what position you are in terms of music.

The distributing form of indie music has always been in its evolving form. The music style is always at a constant state but the philosophy always stays intact and it is the part of its deep charm.

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