– The Official Website has been launched by Calling All Gigs


Today we have launched the official website of GUITARINI:, a very interesting project by Iman Sen, vocalist, lyricist and composer of well known bangla band Calcutta Blues.

We are very much excited to attached with this project. Though the site is in under process but you can enjoy the front page with Guitarini Theme Song.

The main moto of this website is to get attached with all talented people, specially young genx and those who couldn’t effort a guitar or couldn’t get a chance to explore their talent. They can share their talent, their creativity with us through this website.

Thanks to Iman Sen for his great work and his idea for this project and we, calling all gigs is very much obliged to work with you.

Guitarinir sange prem kori,

Guitarinir preme unmad ami….