“I respect Guitarini” said Iman Sen – His exclusive interview with Calling All Gigs

Finally we had spent some time with Iman, vocalist, lyricist and composer of bangla band Calcutta Blues and talked about Guitarini.

So, here is his exclusive interview with Calling All Gigs.

CAG: What is Guitarini all about?

Iman: Guitarini is about the humanity, busy schedule is our soul mate so we forget humanity and lots of talent are going far away from the roots. Painting, music, poetry, dancing .and everything …every art….r loosing there trust …!!  They are leaving there dream, passion… guitarini will try to find those talents , without any competition , guitarini will remove all the barriers for them

CAG: Why suddenly you think to do this project?

Iman: I thought about it 2 years back, but just recently , when i met up with some people who r blaming their destiny ….and when I talk with them , I was shocked ! they r afraid  that they don’t want to live life !! they sacrificed their passion and…..our very close and simple friend Bumpai when sang in front of thousands of crowd .. I saw a star in his eyes, he is just a store keeper …but I must say actually he is a dreamer just like a creative person ..so I decided I will make a team and will work hard for them !!

CAG: How it came in your mind?

Iman: Actually I have suffered , faced many situation … I can’t explain those days when I lost my happy family!!!! I have started to love my guitarini and I was shocked because  for the first time I saw some one was loving me without any expectation and that day I still remember when my guitarini created rAjkanya ….my most eternal peace !!!! so Guitarini is like a place where u will find only love , respect and peace… no ego !!!!!

CAG: Tell us something about this beautiful composition?

Iman: I must say, same of the concept I composed dat chorus part long time back .. when I was in depression for long period, I was in trouble !! … my only companion was  my guitar. She gave  me  freedom, dreams, respect, honesty and money which talks !! so I wrote it for those who faced the situation like that, I respect Guitarini !

CAG: “Dreams are not far away” what are those dreams? why this tag line?

Iman: Thousands of dreams ..but practicaly just want to do which we cant ..we have to do something for this beautiful world …

CAG: Are you alone with GUITARINI or you are doing this with a group?  Tell us something about those who are assocciated with this project?

Iman: No not at all alone, I have started guitarini and very fast I contact Debarup my close friend , I told him about  the concept he was very much interested so he has created some videos and most important he is truly a person with creativity  … with that news@banglaband, rockbong , gen next group !! and rooh music supported me always and most importantly, my close friend band mate Pradyut who helped me a lot !

CAG: Whats your plan for Guitarini in future?

Iman: Lots of plans..we want to give some love and peace towards those people who are in grief !! We will release an album , 1st time they will sing their own songs!!! They will design there own albums !! We will search raw talents, hidden talents …without any contest and we will create a new history…..!!!! we will show you the heaven !!

 Tor 5 ta tar jyano 5 ta angul !!! ar 6 nombor mone bidroho !!

CAG: Thanks Iman for giving us this time from your busy recording schedule of Calcutta Blues new album and we are very glad to be a part of this wonderful project called GUITARINI, wish you best of luck in future.