[Video Updates] Hip Pocket covering Pink Floyd & Trunkey performing at ISI Rock Fest – INTEGRATION 2011

Integration 2011

A brief details

 Mr.Pranab Mukherjee discussing the future of Indian leadership, Fossils performing ‘Acid’, an engaging classical recital, Harsha Bhogle hosting ‘Prahelika’ (the biggest quiz show of eastern India), JunkYard Wars and debate. This might be a list of oxymora or this might be a (poorly partial) list of events, depending on whether or not you have experienced ‘Integration’ before.

Running the risk of stating the obvious, we mention that ‘Integration’ is the annual techno-cultural Fest of ISI, Kolkata.

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“Hip Pocket is covering Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Another Brick in the Wall and Trunkey is doing their own original”

 They must add that you cannot attend ‘Integration’; you have to experience it. Be in our campus from 13th to 16th January, 2011, experience ‘Integration’ and you might not be the same entity again. You might have been transformed in this cultural melting pot, you might have discovered something that Frost had mentioned … “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall/ That wants it down!”

They have already broken it; we invite you to break it, too. They believe, to break the wall no special qualification is required, no specific age needs to be crossed, no skillful talent needs to be honed. Whoever you are, whatever you are … ‘Integration’ is for you.

To them, ‘Integration’ is not just a fest but a religion and the Mantra is “bhinneShvaikyasya darshanam”.

Integration is merely another way, we, at ISI, celebrate our motto; “Unity in Diversity”.