“Motivation” is about a guy who struggled in his life, fight with the situation and came back strong. “Motivation” is featuring Coss Marte of ConBody fame who was arrested and charged as a kingpin for a drug empire worth over $2 million a year at the only age of 19. He was sentenced for 7 years jail. While he is in prison, he lost 70 lbs in just 6 months in his 9 by 6 call. He also began training the other inmates there. After getting release from jail he has started ConBody and hired ex-cons to deliver his prison style workout in his NY gym while live streaming the classes.

This video is also featuring Reese Scott, who ended a 19 year career as Creative Director for a publishing company to start Women’s World of Boxing in 2007 to offer women a safe, comfortable and uplifting environment. Through the sport, she found confidence, developed inner-strength and lost over 70 pounds. She is now a registered Amateur Fighter and Certified, Licensed USA Boxing Coach.

sybsBehind the Music of “Motivation”

Ugonna Onyekwe is now releasing music with his sister under the name SYBS. “Motivation” is one of the powerful release by SYBS. Ugonna is a former professional basketball player for University of Pennsylvania who holds the distinction of being the second player ever to be named Ivy League Player Of The Year twice. He also played for FIBA – The International Basketball Federation for 8 years in Israel and Spain. During this time he served as a motivational speaker and mentor, visiting schools and hospitals to visit and speak to young children and those in need, as he has done for many programs in NYC and prisons.

About Dobi Onyekwe

Dobi released her debut solo single, “Feel That Jam!”—a co-write with Yugy—that, as an indie release, rocketed to #7 on the UK Club Charts. Dobi also energized dance floors as the front-lady of the slinky groove band, Über-Tone.

About SYBS

SYBS is a transatlantic, cross genre, and pan cultural musical experience. The siblings are of Nigerian descent and have resided globally. Currently, the pair split their time between London, New York, and Los Angeles. Their exhilarating tribal pop sound is a contemporary fusion of 80’s pop, 90’s hip-hop / R&B, and African rhythms.