Watch Fossils with Allan’s come back

This is already in news that Allan (Allan Temjen  Ao), the “former” guitarist rejoin Fossils after  10 years. He has left the band in 2001. After he left Teno and then Partha took the place of Guitarist in Fossils. But few days ago Partha has left fossils. It was a long and exciting musical journey for him with Fossils.

For Allan this “Rejoining” is like coming back to home.

Now its show time. Fossils is going to perform on tomorrow, Thursday, August 11, ‎6:00 PM at Najrul Mancha, near Golpark.

It is called as “Allan’s homecoming show”

All the Fossils Fans are too excited to see this line up, many of them are saying that, this is one of the best line up till date of  Fossils.


So, hurry up… go and watch Fossils and lost into ocean of Rock and Melody.


 Calling All Gigs is giving best wishes to Fossils and Allan for his come back show on behalf of all members of Calling All Gigs and all Fossils Fans.


N.B:  This show is supposed to be open for all with college id cards. If you are not in college, some kind of a photo id card should also do. But neither Fossils nor Fossils Force shall take the responsibility of entry into Najrul Mancha. For more details go to Facebook Official page of Fossils

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