It was big, it was spectacular, it was out of the World… it was a rock concert which Kolkata have never seen before. I am talking about Fossils 18 Concert which was happened on Saturday, 12th August at Nazrul Mancha. The event was organized by Fossils Force and Orange Production.

As the band turns 18 this year, the concert was the main reason to celebrate the long musical journey of this most talented, organized, professional rocking team.

Fossils shows the progression of evolution in music and life. They show how to take care of mind and emotional health that gives away fans for more self esteem and more self emotional control.

Here is a brief review of the Fossils 18 Concert:

1. The Wait

The gate was opened at 2:30 PM and as expected all fans and Fossils lovers gathered early and made long queue in front of the main entrance. The day was over casted all the time and sometimes it was raining heavily. There was a little chaos situation for getting the tshirts and and entering into the auditorium. Back gate of Nazrul mancha was crowded with hundreds of fans. Everyone was hungry to get inside and witness the history. Well this little madness was allowed to push the benchmark like gravity.

As the time was coming close, the energy of the fans were pumped up. People outside were shouting, chatting like “Fossils, Fossils…”, “Rupam… Rupam…” singing the songs. Overall the environment was electrifying.

2. Unexpected Beginning

At 5 o’clock the show was finally started.

Beginning was unexpected. There was a audio visual and it was bit long. The audio visual was about why two people committed suicide as got obsessed with Rupam Islam, the lead of the band. Fossils Force moderators shared their views along with behavioral councilors from national science of behavioral studies. Also the intellectuals like authors and notable dignitaries of Bengal spoke along with fossils moderators and doctors. The main purpose of the video was spreading the message to society and young generation that don’t kill yourself, live and manifest so that Fossils, Rupam Islam, the front man of the band can be happy about your success and growth.

Fossils fans at Nazrul Mancha

3. Witty Anchoring

Then RJ Deep and Shomak started nice witty anchoring and sharing some of the fun memories of Fossils.

4. Fossils 5

We saw the first glance of the music video of their new song “Stobdho Jibon”. It was also the anthem of the concert. The song was officially launched in Saavn.

fossils 18 concert stabdho jibon

Fossils also going to release their new album Fossils 5 very soon, so there was a bit promotion with the new songs of the upcoming album.

5. Emotional Part

The main performance was started with Aro Ekbar and then all the old songs from Fossils 1 and Fossils 2. Fans who are listening Fossils songs since 2003, 2004 (Like Me) were very nostalgic and getting goosebumps. Few were crying, few were recollecting the old memories.

6. Break Time

At 7:30 PM there was a short break and after that the band started with their as usual songs list.

7. Old is Gold

The most important part of the event was when Rupam invited all the old members of the band, Partho (Lead Guitarist), Bubun (Drummer), Indra (Keyboardist).

Fossils 18 Concert

Image Courtesy: Indra Nil

That was the most memorable time of the show when all the old members on stage and Fossils Force presented them mementos and black shawl.

8. Gold Disc

Asha Audio has presented the Golden Disc to Fossils for their memorable 18 years journey.

Fossils Gold Disc by Asha Audio

Image Courtesy: Indra Nil

9. The End

The show was ended around 10 PM with the song “Acid”

Fossils 18 Concert Analysis:

28 songs in 1 gig, it was never happened before. It’s rare to watch this kind of a concert in Kolkata, it was mentioned in the audio visual as well by other notable Bengali bands.

crowd at Fossils concert

Image Courtesy: Indra Nil

The whole auditorium was black with their Fossils 18 tshirts. There was more than 3000 people in the auditorium. The aura and the whole crowd made it alive, the band, the crowd was so happy that they were literally enjoying and proving, Nazrul Mancha belongs to them. In one word it was freedom to them.

Fossils ruled the stage with fans and the show must go on.

Thanks to Rohan Guha for reporting us the highlights of the concert.