Dark Desolation – Bangalore Based Metal Band is featured by Calling All Gigs

Band name

Dark Desolation


Black Metal

(About: Misanthropy, Blasphemy, Satanism)


Ajay [Manager] – shredaj@gmail.com – 09538756956

Apostate – Guitar
Blasphemer – Guitar
Misanthropist – Bass
Serpentine – Drums
Maggot – Throats

A little about the band

Born in the depths of Bangalore, Dark Desolation roared onto the Metal scene in 2010 July with the Debut Demo Track, ‘Futile Dogma’. Dark Desolation is a 5 piece genre defying band formed by the maniacs having tastes of different genre after umpteen feuds. Right from the first gig the band has been raising eyebrows. Lookout for Dark Desolation in the Metal landscape as we give India a taste of Extreme Black Metal, a nearly untouched genre. Dark Desolation was featured in Metal Hammer Alongside Trivium, Decapitated, Sepultura and many more.

Band’s Interests

They dig into gruesome and extreme genres such as Black Metal give the misanthropic sickest feel till your ears fuckin bleed you to demise. The band believes in blending ominous wails with blazing guitars to produce bright compositions with energetic strumming to make your conks crack

Press News

1. Dark Desolation Featured In the Autopsy Metal Radio Podcast alongside Vader!
2. Dark Desolation Featured In the Black Metal Compilation Album By Smouldering Earth Records – Italy
3. Dark Desolation Featured in the Flaming Skull Podcast Along with Dimmu Borgir’s Galder – Interview.
4. Dark Desolation Featured in Brutalism Metal Radio – Netherlands
5. Dark Desolation Featured in Deccan Herald Newspaper
6. Dark Desolation featured in NH 7 Website – India
7. Dark Desolation also featured in a lot of other webzines,Podcasts,Websites
8. Showcased in Websites across India like Indian Music Revolution,Indian Metal Heads, Headbangers In, Indian Bands Hub
9. Featured in Metal Radio Stations,Podcasts,Webzines across Europe,Norway,Italy,Netherlands,India,UK,USA

Some Pictures

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Achivements & Awards

1. Featured in a compilation CD In Italy after one month of formation in 2010 July.
2. Featured in a Metal Podcast alongside Dimmu Borgir
3. About to be featured In a compilation of the best new extreme bands from the world by METAL HAMMER(UK) on July the 27th 2011
4. Dark Desolation to go on air in an interview by Radio 94.3 Bangalore on 31st of July
5. Dark Desolation Interviewed By Sanjeev Gupta



Some important links of the Band

Myspace | Facebook

Watch their live performances

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