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This bands does not need any sort of introuction.Atmosfear is a 3 piece Death Metal act from Mumbai India. Atmosfears songs are based on politically issues which talk about social evils, corruption, rape, injustice, pollution and environmental degradation. This is combined with pure old school, hard hitting, technical and challenging drum parts which is solely influence by heavy and evil guitar riffs complimented with awesome bass lines.The band has made a mark in the local metal scene and are roaring for more gigs and shows across the country.


India’s finest brutal/slam death metal band and the only band to be featured on a combined EP, alongside with Pulmonary Fibrosis (France). Their awesome and catchy skull crushing riffs and heavy drum and bass lines sent a new wave of anticipation in the Indian Underground metal scene. Gutslit was the first band from India representing the Indian Underground Scene in Thailand. Their one live appearance has made a remarkable impact on the Indian metal scene. If you have not experienced Gutslit live, then you have never experienced a ‘the real’ brutal act. Don’t miss this one.


Blood Meridian was formed by Aurko (Guitars) and Bhaskar (Vocals) in early 2009 and were soon joined by a close friend Anuj (Guitars) who shared a love for extreme. Unable to find a drummer the band started gigging with a drum machine and stand in bass player Abhishek.The search for a live drummer ended when Pushkar (Drums) joined the band in 2010 at the same time the band recruited Ashwin (Bass) as a full time member and completed the line-up.. The band immediately got down to writing material and hit the studios in the month of August to start working on their debut EP titled ‘Elements Of Brutality’.


Bloodshed is a four piece death metal band which rose from the depths of the band “living fossils”.after ‘LF’ sadly broke up the three remaining band members decided to go in a differents direction and bloodshed was born.with a new vocalist and bassist the band started playting extensively recieving rave reviews.the band was a five piece twin lead attack for a long tyme till in the summer of 2010 the guitarist harsh maganlal ,who was a founding member, left the band due to personal reasons.Taking this into stride and after a long search for a second guitarist to fill the void left by harsh,came up with nothing as it was hard to find a replacement who could match the proficiency of the band. So it was decided that nikhil would take on full guitar responsibilities.The band are purists of early 90s death metal,..,as well as a mix of a newer sound with vicious breakdowns and crushing riffs and maniacal blasts to form the sound of BLOODSHED.The band is currently working on the their first EP.It will be released in the fall of 2011


 A Deathcore band from Navi Mumbai formed in the summer of 2009 who combine their various individual influences to create the sound you can here in the original compositions.It started when Joy (Guitars), Deep (Vocals) and Prateek (Bass) felt the need to play some Death metal. We found a drummer in Saurav who had to leave a year later for commercial preferences. The search for a good double bass drummer finally led Joy switching onto Drums. Vivek (Guitars) and Rahul (Vocals) who were close friends of the band joined in and the new line-up started playing live around town.Lyrically, the themes are as diverse as Motivating ourselves about not laying low and emotionally depressed unnecessarily (Why So Emo?), to releasing the rage and hatred in a constructive way (Burn In Peace). From somehow digesting the happenings of corrupt and unfair world we live in (Resistance) to speaking about the chaotic and unstable mental state that is the result of years of pain and suffering (Tormented).

Date & Time

Saturday, January 7, 2012

7:00pm until 11:00pm


B69, Off Old Nagardas road, Above Shiv Sagar Restraunt,

Near Andheri Subway, Andheri (East), Mumbai, India

Entry: Rs 150/-
Gates open at 7 pm

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