Dementia (New Delhi) – First Featured Band of Calling All Gigs


Band Name



New Delhi


A mix of Progressive/ Groove metal / Experimental & Indian metal

A little about the Band

Dementia is a progressive band which incorporates elements from various other genre’s into their music to create something which is very different from what is already out there or has been heard from selective artists. Various people who have heard Dementia have defined their music to be a mix of progressive, groove, experimental, thrash & Indian sounds. With the current line-up we have been playing in the capital where we are based & at different places in the country for just about a year now.

Band members & contact numbers

Ramanan Guitars, backing vocals (phone no. – 09677224979)

Rangarajan – Bass, backing vocals (phone no. – 07838065014)

Reet – Drums (phone no. – 09717844303)

Raghu – Keyboards (phone no. – 09810611511)

Saurabh – Vocals [phone no. – 09811939120 & email id-]

Some of the highlights/achievements of the band & the various places/stages where it has played at

1) Winners at Rock Night, Aaleen 2009, Faculty of Management, Jamia Millia Islamia University
2) Consecutive 2nd place & best guitarist award (2009 & 2010) Phoenix (09-10), Fest of Computer Science Dept., Jamia Millia Islamia University
3) Played a show at Jawaharlal Nehru University at a music festival with artists/bands from other parts of India & foreign artists from our neighbouring countries.
4) Played a show at Polo Grounds, North campus with other well known Delhi bands as part of the fest of Indian School of Business & Media.
5) Consecutive 2nd place at Fort Rock competition 2009 & 2010, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute, I.P University.
6) 2nd at Band Warz, Pusle 2010 the cultural fest of A.I.I.M.S
7) Participated in Synchorncity 2010, Antaragni, I.I.T Kanpur
8 ) Participated in Rocktaves 2010, Oasis, B.I.T.S Pilani
9) Won best bassist & best keyboardist at Mary Jane Green Fields 2010, Thomso, I.I.T Roorkee
10) Short-listed among the 8 bands out of a total of 70 bands from across the nation to compete at Blizzards of Rock, Chaos 2011 the cultural fest of I.I.M Ahmedabad & also for Distortion, Mridang 2011 the cultural festival of I.I.M Indore
11) Headlined Sixth String the rock band competition of Encomium 2011 the cultural festival of Engineering faculty Jamia Milia Islamia University
12) Played at Woodstock, Cross Roads 2011, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University
13) Winners at Battle of Bands, Jive 2011, Jaypee Institute of Information & Technology
14) Played at Drop D (Rock Band competition), Utopia 2011, School of Planning & Architecture
15) First Runners up at HT City Youth Nexus (Rock Band competition) 2011
16) First Runners up at Last Band Standing, Crescendo 2011
17) Winners Summer Jam 2011 (Best Band, Bassist & Drummer)
18) Shortlisted out of numerous other bands to be a part of The Gig Week festival & be the headlining act of day 4 of The Gig Week.

Few Pictures of the Band

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Some useful links of Dementia

Band Website | Facebook Page | Soundcloud Page | Reverbnation Page

Some Videos of Dementia
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Dementia, the band is still waiting for the invitation to play in Kolkata


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