First Bengali HIP HOP music album with desi and western punch by Tanmoy Chakroborty

About the album

A unique album which featuring 8 songs, among them 6 are orginals and 1 reprise version and another is remix. The title track is called FUNDA, its a core HIP HOP song. Other songs in this album featuring POP, ROCK, DESI and ALTERNATIVE

Play & Listen to the Promo Track

[audio:…d-hip-hop-track-promo-by-TANMOY-SAADHAK.mp3|titles=FUNDA Hip Hop track promo by TANMOY SAADHAK]

This album is featuring Tanmoy Chakroborty.
A little about Tanmoy Chakroborty

You put flashy eyes, fiery sticks and spiky uber-cool logs of hair complementing the get-it-done attitude into one slim fit box and mix them together to form a heady cocktail of humming rock music mesmerising audiences beyond the Indian boundary – you invariably get Tanmoy.

He started charting the road of music as a drummer on 2006. He was only a town boy with lots of aspirations and enthusiasm. His first album smelled the popular air in 2008. Then he was hungry to make it large at a larger stage but chances come not easily enough but when it came he rocked the chance- and how, the boy from the crowded town really made it big- MTv embraced the boy, as he was with his talent … let’s simplify- he won the MTv Rock-On award on 2009. It was his first big break, and he never really looked back; the award gave him the deserved recognition at the national level and he got the golden opportunity to hone his skills and make it bigger. He learned a lot from legends belonging to different streams of music- that helped him much to go beyond his limitations. The winning team of MTv Rock On got Ram Sampath as their producer & mentor to compose the landmark album“Saadhak”.

He began in that city where all great gurus have kick-started their careers – Mumbai, city of struggle, success, money & music. His talent and hard-working nature earned him many laurels and many glamour-gurus too. A number of first-page Bollywood artists have given him their amiable acquaintances. Tanmoy has worked two long years with Mika Singh- the bad boy of Indi Pop; the Sufi-Guru Kailas Kher and has not disappointed the Badshah- Daller Mehendy.Aslo he worked with many Bollywood Artists like Vishal-Sekher,Pritam Chakraborty etc.

Tanmoy’s inclination to music is as old as his young life is- from his childhood he had the flair for symphony – especially the instrumental ones. Beats and rhythms of more than seventeen instruments abide by his learned instructions. He heads (rather spearheads) a not-so-common band named Out of Control Bengali(OCB), as young people dancing to their unique non-stop beat know it. Now busy in composing hip-hops beats to form another grooving music album – he aspires to touch the coloured sky. In recent times Times of India backed the launch of OCB in which people within and beyond Kolkata danced to their rhythm.
Not very old in age & spirit he has drawn his footsteps in the sands of UAE, in the sunny beach of Bangkok, the great Honkong and the green skyscrapers of Malaysia, Macao & Singapore. His visit to the USA was a very enriching one- from the point of view of experience & economy.

The boy from the city of heritage, joy and jostling crowd has already proved that he can make people dance to his rhythm- he is all set to take the stage by storm, nay, by sizzling whizz of Pop music.

Now he is coming with his own album in 2012…and it will be a big blast in INDIAN music


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