“David Arn is a musical mastermind and powerful musical force anyway you look at him”

This was what mentioned about David Arn in Indie Music Digest website.

Today we will talk about David’s latest song “Not Amused”. David Arn’s song “Not Amused” was first released on Election day in the US. Now it is available in YouTube. The video was directed by William Murray. The video was filmed in New York City by William Murray and Alice Teeple. The single was mastered at Abbey Road Studio by Alex Wharton (McCartney’s engineer). It features the guitar work of Toby Wilson.. This song would be a good fit for fans of Bob Dylan.

David Arn is a reclusive singer, songwriter and musician best known for his lyrical style. He currently has two albums entitled, “Postmodern Days” and “Walking to Dreamland”. Among myriad outlets Arn’s music has been played on over 80 US FM and college stations and has been featured on NPR stations, the BBC, and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights. A new CD,”Recalculating, Recalculating” is forthcoming in early 2018.

David Arn

Director William Murray is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance Producer / Director / Editor specializing in effective, compelling music videos for the city and beyond. Alice Teeple is a freelance photographer / art director / multimedia artist in New York City, with several music video director credits. They did a great work in this project. The video cinematography is just perfectly portrayed with the song.

Do watch David Arn “Not Amused” music video here:

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