Frank Roberts – an Instrumental Rock Band from Hamilton is featured by Calling All Gigs


– Name –

Frank Roberts

– Location –

Hamilton, ON

– Genre –

Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical, Pop, Instrumental

– About the Band –

Roberts purchased his first guitar at the age of 14. A year later, a high school friend introduced him to Fred Mercier, who played a major role in his musical development.

Mercier, who had been playing guitar for a few years and musically trained by a local guitar teacher at the time, took Frank under his wing and taught him some licks, techniques and scales. Together, they developed a passion for composing their own material. By the time Frank was 19, he and Mercier had a few original songs of their own and Frank joined Mercier’s band Marilyn White. Within two weeks, the band was on stage playing in local bars. While the band did not last very long, it was enough for Roberts to realize his burning desire for a musical career.

For the next few years, Frank really flourished as a musician as he focused on improving his guitar technique while also playing a few small gigs. During the same period, he leased some equipment from a local music store and recorded his first demo. It is while he was working on his project that Frank developed an interest for the engineering aspect of the musical creation process. Soon after, he landed a job as an assistant to the sound engineer for a local recording studio. Frank later reunited with Fred Mercier and longtime friend JF Daigle on bass (Twin Shy, Psychodelia, Sleazy Way Out) for a French rock demo project, for which Roberts wrote all lyrics. After a few unsuccessful auditions to find a vocalist for the project, Frank enrolled with the Montreal Trebas Institute for a degree in sound engineering after what he worked for a short period of time as an assistant to the sound engineer at the highly regarded Studio 451 in Verdun, PQ.

Following his college year, Roberts produced a few demos for local singer/songwriters and was back working on his own material in 2006-2007 with a hard rock project called “Fragments of Soul”. Roberts has since relocated to Hamilton, ON where he spent the last year working on new instrumental material. These new tracks showcasing Roberts’ stylistic approach to guitar harmonies can be heard on his debut self-produced EP “Change in Motion”, to be released at the end of 2012 under the label Wildfrog Music.

After several years of collaborating with fellow musicians and producing demos for local singers/songwriters, Montreal native Frank Roberts has since relocated to Hamilton and is now stepping up to the plate with a work of his own; “Change in Motion”.


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