Maverick Gaither is one of the few versatile performers who can sing everything starting from the 60 R&B, Frank Sinatra, Jah Heim and many other songs. He is a leading vocalist and a saxophonist who has been playing the instrument since the age of 11 simply because he was immensely fascinated by the name of the instrument.

One of the top male vocalists in the US army, it was his work that reached #1 on London Soul Charts for atleast four months. But best of all that makes him stand out of the crowd is his songs.


Gratitude sung by Maverick Gaither talks about the sweet relationship shared between a husband and a wife. In the song, Gaither brings out the emotion, being grateful about how he is grateful about having his partner as a partner. He intermingles the lyrics of the song with sweet melody making it a perfect composition that best describes the relationship between a married couple.

Be My Music

This is another one of those classic musings sung by the artist. In the song, the singer muses about how his lady love can be the source of inspiration. He asks his lady love to join him and to help him write down the lines so that both could complete the music. The singer uses sweet melodious theme in place of any aggressive tunes in this song, which not only indicates his preference towards the romantic genre.


Action explores the genre of romanticism from a different perspective. The rhythm of the song here is not soft. Instead, he had added hard rhythm to it, while trying to tease his lady love and praise her for all the qualities that attract the singer towards her. This song is different in style from other songs and is best suited incase if you are not much enthusiastic about soft songs.


While these are only three songs that we are talking about here, there are other songs in the list. You can download the song directly from the Apple Store. So what are you waiting for. Click on the link and listen to some of Gaither’s romantic songs.

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