If you are a fan of Rock and Roll music then you are in the right place to discover a super talented band called “I, Symptom” from Budapest.

“I, Symptom” is based on Budapest, Hungary.

They are doing electronic rock and roll outlaw music. It was founded in the year 2013 by Balázs Söptei who plays the role as lead vocal, guitarist and sound programmer into this band. Bálint Jankó is another member of the band who is in the department of synths, keyboards and machinery.

As per Balázs, they create a fusion of styles that does not fit any so-called genres. They have experienced that many other people are losing their motivation in music and that leads to the destruction of promising bands. So they have decided to go with the unique project. He also said that “I, Symptom” will never retire or break up untill he die.

They have just released a new album called “Outlaw Days”. Listen to the album from here: https://isymptom.bandcamp.com/album/outlaw-days

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