If you are a fan of ear soothing music with energy then this band will definitely make your day.

Calling All Gigs introducing “Guest Actors”, an Israel indie rock band and it’s 4 talented members Avi Ilani, Shaked Yaakov, Yoni Talias and Matan Wexler.

Brief History about the band

Guest Actors is performing and recording since 2015. Many bands like Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Leonard Cohen are in their influence list. Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Guest Actors have developed a unique musical style that effortlessly fuses contemporary rock with indie flavours and a touch of the ethereal.

First Performance

They have started performing in Tel Aviv in March 2016. It was their self published EP.


They have release some of their tracks called “When Everything Ends”, “True”, “Thoughts about the ground” previously. Recently they have released another single track, “By Demand”

My personal favorite is “Thoughts about the ground”. It feels like a dream.

“By Demand” is like A Storytelling, very smooth and relaxing music with beautiful lyrics.

Upcoming Plans

This year and in 2018 they will perform the new LP and touring. They will also record some new songs.

The sound of band Guest Actors is very promising and with their talent, experiences and style of music they will definitely going to rule the industry in future.

You can find them on: www.guestactors.com

Follow them on: Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Also do listen their latest release “By Demand”