“Koffee Guitar n Biswajit” – album by Biswajit Karmakar – releasing in this puja

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‘Koffee Guitar n Biswajit’ a brand new album is coming soon. This album is by Biswajit Karmakar and releasing from Aatman Audio.

A little about Biswajit Karmakar – This is something which was in this mind from long time. But being a part of Farista, his former band, he didn’t get the scope to give it a form. But after leaving Farista “Koffee Guitar n Biswajit” is something which was bound to happen and with the helping hand like Tanuj Basak, Shayoni Moitra, Sayan Chakraborti, Somnath Ghosal.

About the Album – The x-factor of this album is – it is for all and you can enjoy it at any point of time. Just a single guitar in your hand and you are ready to sing any song of this album. Grab a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy “Koffee Guita n Biswajit”

This album includes total 6 songs.

– Track list –

1. Kothay gele
2. Koffee guiter
3. Fhire aye
4. Ke jane
5. Majhe majhe
6. Ajj kadte icche korche

– Listen a song track from this album –

[audio:https://www.callingallgigs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/01-Track-1.mp3|titles=Koffee guiter]

The album is releasing in this Puja.

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Official Facebook Page of Koffee Guitar n Biswajit | Facebook Profile of Biswajit Karmakar

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