Rick Shaffer is a talented musician from Philadelphia. He is a founding member of the band which is called The Reds©. The Red is producing music since 1980. The music of the band is giving a powerful punch with their overall sound and it is coming from Rick Shaffer’s flawless guitar playing, Bruce Cohen’s keywords and Shaffer’s voice.

Rick Shaffer

Journey of the band – The Reds© and Rick Shaffer

  • 1980 – A&M Records released a compilation album “Propaganda” that includes tracks from The Reds© & along with other bands.
  • After leaving A&M Records they have released two indie albums called “Stronger Silence” and “Fatal Slide”. The music of these two albums was received critical acclaim internationally that time.
  • In 1992 they have released “Cry Tomorrow”. The opening track “Terror in My Heart” was featured in the movie “Nightmare On Elm Street 2” directed by Jack Sholder.
  • In 2004 Shaffer wrote and recorded “Looking for Right” for a movie “Collateral” of Michael Mann.
  • In the year 2007 “Fugitives from The Laughing House” was written and produced by the band. It was a straight forward raw nerve reflection of life in America.
  • In 2009 the band released “Early Nothing” which also written and produced by Shaffer and Cohen.
  • 2010 was the year when Shaffer and Cohen gave songs and score for two motion pictures “Band of The Hand” and “Manhunter” with an added track called “Jogger’s Stakeout”. Also in 2010, Shaffer released his first solo album “Necessary Illusion”. It is a 10 songs neo-sixties, garage blues excursion.
  • Shaffer’s 2011 second solo album “Hidden Charms” was a sonic blueprint of proto-garage rock/blues with distorted guitar and melodies.
  • In 2012, Rick Shaffer released his next solo album “Idiot Flats” which was built on garage/blues framework, Mississippi Hill Country rhythms, a garage/blues framework, and a mash-up of a ’60’s psychobilly/R&B sounds.
  • “Stacked Deck” which was another album which was released in 2013 and it continues the “sonic minimalist” blueprint of his previous solo albums.
  • Another garage rock solo album, “Misadventure” by Shaffer was released in 2014. That year in May he released a bonus single “Link” focusing his talent beyond his five garage rock solo albums, to boost the garage rock genre with a Link Wray, and swamp blues inspired instrumental. And again in August 2014, another single “Times Sixty” was released.
  • In June 2015, Shaffer’s 6th Solo venture “Jitterbug Shake” was released. It has excitable sound of garage blues of early R&B / Rock & Roll influences.
  • The latest garage rock album by Rick Shaffer was released in 2016. The name of the album is “Outside of Time”.

Stolen Moments Album Cover

Details of The New Solo Album “Stolen Moments”

The new album which is Shaffer’s 8th solo album “Stolen Moments” was already released in this year, 2017. As he was inspired by the concept that there are no guarantees or promises in life, and every minute he spends writing and recording is precious time. The result is an album packed with low-tech wallop, bursting energy and immediacy.  The production resembles The Stooges “Fun House” and is a proto-garage raver to end all garage ravers.

Album Details:

  • The album was released under Del Tone Studios.
  • Written & Produced by Rick Shaffer
  • Executive Producer: Theresa Marchione
  • Vocal, Guitar & Percussion: Rick Shaffer
  • Bass: Teddy Rixon
  • Drums & Percussion: Steve Carlisle
  • Drums & Spoons on Chopping Wood: Boo Boo Spencer
  • Mastering Engineer: Brian Lipski from The Sound Lab.

Track List:

The album “Stolen Moments” has total 10 tracks. Below are the titles

  1. All I Want
  2. Downtown Suzy
  3. One in Five
  4. Modern Lie
  5. Other One
  6. Higher
  7. The Stays
  8. Call My Name
  9. Chopping Wood
  10. Danger Awaits

You can download one of the single “Modern Lie” from the album for FREE. Click in the below button to download the track.

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You can buy full tracks or the whole album from here: http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/rickshaffer9

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