Gen Next Group & Calling All Gigs present Poyla Rock 5, one of the big and consistent band competition with a high voltage rock concert of Kolkata.

Date of Event: 26th and 27th January 2017

Venue: Mani Square Mall

In Poyla Rock 5 total 20 bands will perform live.

16 Bands will be selected for band competition from which 4 band will be selected for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions and other 4 best bands will be performing as guest bands. Guest bands will be directly.

Details regarding the band registration and competition process:

If you want to participate in Poyla Rock band competition or want to be one of the best 4 winner bands, register your band online with the below form.

Before the registration know the details below:

Here is the process:

  • We will select total 16 bands for band competition.
  • Also we will select 4 best bands directly as guest performing bands.
  • From 16 bands who will perform in competition
  • 40 Minutes performance slot
  • We will select the 4 winner band of the Poyla Rock 5 – band competition 2017.

Know regarding the prizes: Top 4 best performing bands get prizes

1st Prize:

  • Cash prize of Rs. 5000
  • 10 hours of FREE Jamming
  • Album contract
  • One full shift studio for demo recording
  • One paid show
  • Free photoshoot

2nd Prize:

  • Cash prize of Rs. 2500
  • 5 hours FREE Jamming
  • One full shift studio for demo recording
  • Free photoshoot

3rd Prize:

  • Cash prize of Rs. 1500
  • 3 hours FREE Jamming
  • Free photoshoot

4th Prize:

  • Cash prize of Rs. 1000
  • 2 hours FREE Jamming


For more details contact here:

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