If you like to hear melodic Alternative rock ballads, Ravenscroft is the perfect band for you. This US based foursome band describes their sound as rich vocals, guitar, bass and rhythmic electric energy. In one words they have a modern heavier melodic and the influence of old school rock sound.

Ravenscroft concert

Let’s introduce you with the band members of Ravenscroft

On vocals: Ralph Buso

Ralph Buso Singer Ravenscroft

Ralph is from South Bronx, New York. He started writing poems and lyrics during some of his dark times in early ages. Initially he started music with playing keyboard and bass in two bands. But after listening his powerful voice the band members suggested him to lead as singer.

Marie Malia Cote quotes about Ralph:

“Singer Ralph Buso’s head turning, robust voice reaches further into buried emotions and deeper thoughts in lyrics that bring out pain, penetrating our minds harder than we sometimes allow ourselves, while delivering the climatic resolution, release, evolution…widening the parameters we all need to open up to personal, interpersonal, political and universal understanding.”

On Drums: Pat Magrath

PatMcGrath Drummer Ravenscroft

Pat got his first set of drumsticks when he was 10. After saving his 50 cents a week allowance for few months he brought that. He stadied African percussion in his college. Pat grew up outside of St. Louis, Mo. Being bused from his home neighborhood by mandatory desegregation, then walking home from work he imbibed the influences of African American artists. He teaches drum playing and loves to work with other talented musicians.

On Guitar: Brett Octane

Brett Octane Lead Guitarist Ravenscroft

Breff Octane who has great musical influence of KISS, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and AC/DC, started his musical journey when he is in Kindergarden. He got a music teacher there who taught him to love music. Breff started playing guitar in metal bands when he is in high school.

Brett about his band, “Ravenscroft” –

“We’re here to do the writing we believe in, the melodic experiences we create to keep crowds mesmerized. It’s not just a portal to fantasy for us, we know we’re here for this purpose and things have come together for us in serendipitous ways. We feel not just incredibly lucky but grateful and privileged to know each other and have this collaborative zen. We write about personal, real life situations.”

On Bass: Devin Baker

Devon Baker Bass Guitar Ravenscroft

Davin grew up in Tustin watching concerts of some of the greated rock bands like Black Sabbath, Van Halen etc. He got his first bass guitar from his father who was also a guitarist at his early ages. He has started playing bass from his high school rock band.

“My Dearest One”, and “The Chase”

In the year 2017 “Ravenscroft” released their two brand new songs called “My Dearest One”, and “The Chase”.

“My Dearest One” is a captivating ballad, showcasing the band’s ability to strip back their productions and deliver a genuinely powerful piece of music.

Whereas “The Chase” is the perfect contrast to “My Dearest One”, featuring more of what we’ve come to know as Ravencroft’s signature sound. Enormous sound from a wall of doom guitars, thunderous bass, and hard hitting drums. In January 2018 Ravenscroft is going to release a six song EP titled “Rebel” featuring these two songs.

You can watch their official lyric video of “The Chase” below:

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