The “Ballad of a Keg Heart”  is truly a mellow poppy piano piece that you would like to hear for a change on a fine afternoon away from the mundane hustle of daily, sitting cozily in one corner and sipping peacefully in your own silence for a refreshing burst of freshness the next moment. Yes, that’s how I would like to describe the song after hearing it.

The song begins with an electric piano groove that softly flirts with jazz as you close your eyes to follow the voice of the artist. Soon, you will realize that it is the musings of the human heart capable of emotional outburst in various tones.

Speaking of Timi’s tone I would like to compare it with that of a glass of chilled wine.

As the track progresses, Timi’s full spectrum of tone is revealed, just like the effervescence in a glass of wine that feels soft and delicate but when sipped, appears to be loud and present.The stunning part of this song is the use of varied range of beats and tones at different level even though there has been no change at the piano or vocal arrangement.

Timi Alexander

Overall, the Ballad of a Keg Heart is full of sonic depth, punchy grooves, and instinctual vocals.

A first single release by the 23 year old Finnish singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Timi Alexander, the album consists of ten tracks, which will include two skits by the artist.

Ideal for audiences who love listening to soulful and calm voices, the album is also for those who love listening to hip hop and alternative rock music. There are a total of ten tracks and each of them has been a by-product of Timi’s influence of the 90’s alternative rock and hip hop production.

The song is already out now on YouTube and Soundcloud. You can click on YouTube if you want to listen to the music as well as check out the video or watch here:

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